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Escaping a hunted house using only 1 Bullet? sounds quite hard, Can you do it?

Published 12 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreAction, Puzzle


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sb.ep1.0.1Arabic version.rar 527 MB
sb.ep1.0.1English version.rar 529 MB


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Missing gem

  The English version is still clouded with another language. The mouse acceleration while inspecting an object is too much. While inspecting an object on the English version there are no English text. The puzzles are odd, but doable(personally took me a long time to even get the chest one). It took me upwards of 30 minutes just for the first puzzle because I was looking for clues everywhere, but then switched to the guessing method and got lucky. Overall great game, good job I really liked the graphics. The reflection were nice and it felt sharp just a bit laggy at times.

Good game!  The game has a good challenge, but needs to improve some puzzles. In addition, I liked the experience.

Hello, I played this game and I liked it but the puzzles weren't great cause it's not really obvious 'how' to solve them, for example: the note beside the chest (when you flip it), the crystals one where you didn't know what the sequence is, also it was a bit glitchy too cause the enemy was just running through things and getting stuck etc, but over all it was a neat game so good work :) 

Took a while to finish had help from the dev but I got there in the end.

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did you solve the chest puzzle?

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How are you suppose to solve the chest puzzle btw? cause I read the note beside it and after flipping it, there are 4 light bulbs drawn on it and one of them is lit (the left one), so I thought maybe it's related to the lanterns on the tables but nothing happened when I tried to turn them on/off.

Edit: nvm I got it just now (it's totally unrelated to the lights)


The game is really great, I enjoyed playing the puzzles, a great idea, and thanks for adding the English language

How did I put those 4 crystals in place? I didn't unlock them for 1 hours

The solution

Could really do with some help I tried the sequence with the crystals I saw blue, yellow, red and green lights in the hallways thought that it went yelow green blue red. I tried so many diferent ways of doing the puzzle but im stil stuck.

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You Need to Put the crystals in sequential order.

(one after the other)

I cant figure it out

The solution

Thanks for the help dev

so good but so hard for dub

i added English version 

I just tried playing this but having no English is really difficult.

i added English version 

Is there an option for english? cause mine is in Arab language i think

i added English version

great game so far can't wait for more great content _ _


This is great game! Really enjoying it.
The graphics and quality is so good.

worth A try ;)


Stucked on the gems puzzle. Any idea how to solve it? Just couldnt put them in a correct order to open the chest.